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    ORTVE: Germanic Mexico

    Madrid. Monumental Theatre. 17-II-2022.

    RTVE Symphony Orchestra.

    Conductor: Josep Caballé Domenech.

    Works by Brahms, Palomar and Strauss.

    Composers who have the audacity to write a work that, no matter how large and large it may be, does not end in forte and trumpeter, are doomed to never finish the programs. This is what happens to Brahms with his Symphony No. 3 in F major op. 90, not at all inferior to its others, which, for that reason alone, the directors program it less than the others and take it the first part of the concerts, since they save for the end something that is easier to provoke ovations. That’s how audiences are and directors, stars or not, know it. That is why this masterpiece opened the concert by the RTVE Symphony Orchestra. It was conducted by Josep Caballé Domenech, a maestro with extensive international experience, who proposed a Germanically orthodox version, well performed by him and the orchestra’s teachers. (…)


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