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    Fantastic review of “El Caballero de la Rosa” conducted by Caballé Domenech

    “You cannot miss the excellent sound of the Bogotá Philharmonic Orchestra, which under the baton of Josep Caballé-Domenech proved that it is one of the most recognized in Latin America. The Catalan Master gave a cheerful version, showing the palette of colors that the composer requested in the score and in this way, there was the famous Viennese color. In addition, the orchestra never surpassed the singers and among the most outstanding moments the trio Marie Theres can be mentioned at the end of the third act when the lyricism of the interpreters, the adequate rhythm of the conductor and the color of the instrumentation was a very fragment. touching”. Scherzo

    “As for the great Colombian contribution, the OFB -which, it must be said-, started something cold and soon reached a high level that knew how to maintain that exquisite tension that characterizes Strauss.” Opera world

    Review Opera World: www.operaworld.es

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