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    ORTVE: The order of factors

    Madrid. Monumental Theatre. 17-II-2022.

    RTVE Symphony Orchestra.

    Conductor: Josep Caballé Domenech.

    Works by Brahms, Palomar and Strauss.

    It is not usual to start a concert program with a large-scale romantic symphony from the second half of the 19th century. And I assure you, contrary to what you might think a priori, that, from time to time, it is very healthy.

    Without opening acts, with another order of factors different from the usual, then, the Third Symphony by Brahms conducted by Josep Caballé Domenech at the head of the Spanish Radio Television Symphony Orchestra, was presented with a singularity, attention and internal freshness (…)

    A podium dedicated to a pleasing rhythmic and phrasing flexibility, and a fluid symphonic continuity between the various sections and instrumental groups, especially in a somewhat “sostenuto alla Brahms” and especially successful Andante. (…)


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